I stumbled into last night. Here's a couple "quick start" tips for using this install of Movable Type Pro:

(1) Code blocks. If you choose Format: Markdown, leave a blank line, indent text with 4 spaces, then another blank line

you will get code blocks like this
# with some
$rudimentary = "syntax highlighting";

(2) Blog subtitle. Erez Schatz was kind enough to point out how to set your blog subtitle (e.g.: Mutation Grid, Inc. "Controlled software evolution." above): From the page, click on Post, then, on the top menu bar: Preferences - General, the subtitle is "description".


Welcome! Glad to have you aboard :)

Where do you choose what format you want?

Additionally, you can go to Preferences → Entry, and under Text Formatting, select that you want Markdown (or some other format choice) to be selected by default, so that you don’t have to switch it manually every time.

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