Perl weekly challenge 096 - Raku

This is a Raku answer for the 096 Perl Weekly Challenge


Exercise 1

The first task consists in writing a script to reverse the order of words without leading/trailing spaces. These are the examples:

Example 1:
Input: $S = "The Weekly Challenge"
Output: "Challenge Weekly The"

Example 2:
Input: $S = " Perl and Raku are part of the same family "
Output: "family same the of part are Raku and Perl"

This is easy to implement in Raku due to the many routin…

Perl weekly challenge 093

This is a Raku answer for the 093 Perl Weekly Challenge . This is also my first post.

Exercise 1

Using a similar approach than James Curtis-Smith , the solution looks at points with equal slope to see if they are in a straight line. Being less literate in Raku, using classes help me to organize coding ideas.

This exercise gives me the opportunity to work with the type ="https://docs.raku.or…

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