A Mojolicious Advent Calendar!

I’m happy to announce that this year I’m going to be running a Mojolicious advent calendar from my new “semi-official Mojolicious website” at https://mojolicious.io/blog/. I won’t cross post here every day, though maybe I will do a few, say the most interesting/code-filled ones.

The first one is already up, a quick Getting Started to get the ball rolling.

The site itself is brand new, using Statocles and a nice theme I found online. The main pages are starkly lacking in content so far, but the blog is off and running! Hope to see you there!

Perl Toolchain Summit 2017

For the second year, I have had the great privilege of attending the Perl Toolchain Summit (PTS, formerly called the QA Hackathon QAH). This year it was held in Lyon, France, and three cheers for the organizers; it was an amazing event!

Last year I unexpectedly became involved in the Meta::CPAN project, even to the point of hosting the first (annual?) Meta::Hack a few months ago. This year, I continued to work with them, however, the need was greater in the CPAN Testers realm and so there I went.

Configuring NGINX for SSL with Let's Encrypt

The Mojolicious Core Team has decided to try group blogging on Tumblr. As such I’m trying out posting there. I recently posted on how I configure NGINX, read more at https://asyncthoughts.tumblr.com/post/157702503315/configuring-nginx-for-lets-encrypt

Cross-post: On the Danger of Software Magicians

I wrote a language-agnostic article and posted it on Medium. Cross posting here for anyone following my Perl posts as well. I hope you enjoy it.


meta::hack 2016

MetaCPAN is the community developed and maintained website and api for finding and learning about Perl modules. This year, we dedicated a long weekend to improving it and oh what a weekend it was!