Announcing Alien::GSL 0.03_01

I have now released a dev version 0.03_01. If any interested parties can spare a few moments, please try installing it and let me know if it behaves for you.

For Linux users:

- If GSL is installed, it should find it and install should complete quickly
- If not, it should download the source
---- if installed as root, it should install system-wide
---- if not root, it should install in a File::ShareDir

For Windows users:
it should download a precompiled version (GSL 1.15) from my work server (hopefully not the final location for this download) and again use File::ShareDir to keep it.

The wild west of default behavior. It should build from source (assuming it builds correctly) and use File::ShareDir (I think).

It is still not ready for production, and I expect that my Math::GSLx::ODEIV2 will be the first thing to do so eventually.

Comments would be great!


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