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tie$t,main;$t="Just another Perl hacker,\n"

I have been blogging for some time over at It was and still will be a blog about Linux and the open source software that I use. I doubt it has many readers, in fact it was mostly for me to remember interesting tidbits should I need them again.

In the past few years I have become quite a Perl enthusiast, doing most of my day-to-day work in Perl and authoring several modules. To get a little deeper into the fray I decided to split my blogging, posting on Perl here in case it may be of use to anyone. I hope people find it informative and I hope to get feedback from those who do (or don’t for that matter).



Hope you will have a nice stay here.

Welcome and get ready for the comment spam :)

I feel sorry about that, Steve. I get to see most of the caught maybe-spam. For whatever reason, a handful of posts on the site get almost all of the maybe-spam, and two or three of yours are among them. One of mine is another, and SawyerX gets a lot of spam too. I think there are 4 users who bear the brunt of the ambiguously spammy flood, though I can’t remember who the 4th is, and you get by far the most. Don’t ask me why you.

The rest don’t get harassed much, thankfully.

(Actually, looking over the recent spam, it is one post of mine that gets spammed, and just about any of yours. SawyerX and whoever the other user was have been left alone – for whatever reason.)

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