Windows CPANtesters, please test Alien::Base

Hi everyone, normally I talk to you all, but today I have a special request for all of you who are CPANtesters on Windows. I have been waiting for a couple weeks now for the automated systems to get around to filing tests for Alien::Base but the waiting is starting to hinder progress. I wanted to wait until I got the passing tests on windows before I both

  1. Dive deeper into handling Mac’s problems
  2. Announce an alpha version

So if you are a Windows-based CPANtester or have thought about becoming one and could move Alien::Base up your queue, I would be eternally grateful!


I ran it through, but since cpantesters results tend to take a while, here’s what happened:

pkg-config is portable, but won’t be installed by default on Windows (unlike modern unices). Maybe we should try to get it into Strawberry.

leont: If anything, pkg-config should be an Alien:: module if it’s portable. :)

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