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Type::Tiny rescues Moo

I have just ranted about removing old bad code from the Perl core. Let me lighten the mood by talking about some good, new code.

I have loved Moose for some time now, but like others, I disliked how heavy it was. Then Moo came along and it was great … until I found myself not availing myself of the type system, because it was harder to get to than in Moose. I was skipping validation more and more.

A recent project came up and I really wanted to do it right, so I tried Toby Inkster’s new Type::Tiny and may I say, “hat’s off to you sir!” The combination of Moo and Type::Tiny brings that Moosey feeling back, while still being light and responsive and even fat-pack-able! Great work to all involved in both projects!

On the removal of some core modules

I’m sure most of the readers of this blog will have seen that both Module::Build and are up for removal from the Perl core. I thought I would toss my $0.03 (inflation) in on the matters.

My "Mojolicious Introduction" now updated for 4.0

On Feb 28, 2013 I gave a talk to about Mojolicious. I called it an introduction, but I really wanted to show some of the features that sets Mojolicious apart. Because of this, the talk moves very fast. It hits routing and responses quickly, hits testing often, on all the way to well-tested non-blocking websocket examples.

I promised to get my slides up afterwards but life (i.e. my doctoral thesis) got in the way. Now with the release of Mojolicious 4.0 I thought I would take the opportunity to right a wrong and get the slides up; so here they are:!

The talk is itself a Mojolicious app, the source of which is available from on GitHub. Not only are all the code snippets shown in the talk included, not only do they all run, but they are actually what is rendered by the talk (DRY++), so what you see is what you get! Please leave any feedback and ask any questions. I may not see the responses here, so feel free to ping me elsewhere if needed.

Mojolicious 4.0 is coming soon!

As a newer member of the Mojolicious Core Development Team, I am more than usually excited for a Mojolicious release. This is because the next major release, version 4.0, is set to ship very soon! For those of you who don’t know, Mojolicious is a modern Perl web framework which is lightweight and easy to get started learning and using, while containing features that are cutting-edge. It’s asynchronous/non-blocking to the core, websockets work out of the box, comes with built-in DOM/JSON/UserAgent, etc etc.

Our fearless leader Sebastian Riedel (aka sri) will no doubt post a message with all the details when it ships. In the meantime, I want to share a little story of how community interaction, even at the StackOverflow level, can lead to innovation and enhancement of major projects like Mojolicious!

Alien::Base Final Report

I have just sent my grant manager, Makoto Nozaki, my final grant report for Alien::Base. As I have said in the report, it has been slowed recently by my Ph.D. Thesis and Defense (successful!) and the lack of Mac CPANTesters (or at least the lack of reports on my testing modules). TL;DR, Alien::Base is essentially ready, but work still needs to be done, and will continue.

The report is included after the break.

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