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Olaf Alders's recent post about CPAN on your iPhone gave me the impetus to look at an idea I had after iBooks became available on the iPhone and iPad: to convert Perl Pod documents to ePub format for offline reading.

So I created a simple pod2epub program and here are the results along with some free books from the iBooks store:


The screen shot shows the Moose::Manual and Spreadsheet::WriteExcel documentation converted to ePub and transferred to iBooks on my iPhone. Here is a sample from the Moose::Manual ebook:


And here is another with some code:


All of the heavy lifting was done with the stalwart Pod::Simple and Oleksandr Tymoshenko's comprehensive EBook::EPUB.

I still have a few issues to resolve and formatting to tweak and after that I will upload the code to Github and then to CPAN


Very cool - can you add covers easily?

Wow -- that's really easy on the eyes. I look forward to seeing your code.

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