Pod to ePub to iBooks (Part 2)

I blogged a small while back about converting Pod to ePub format for reading with iBooks or with other eBook readers.

The first release of App::Pod2Epub and pod2epub is now available on CPAN and GitHub and below are some screenshots.

This is a screenshot from an iPhone of four Perl eBooks along with some eBooks from the iBooks store. The Perl eBooks are displayed with the default cover image. User definable cover images will be enabled as soon as I have debugged it.


This image shows the table of contents for one of the eBooks showing chapters corresponding to Pod =head1 and =head2 levels.


Two book pages. The format of the text is configurable via user supplied CSS stylesheets. These images show the default pod2epub formatting.



A rotated page for better viewing of the code.


There are still quite a few things to add but if you encounter any issues or have any suggestions let me know.

Update: The option to add cover art has been added as of version 0.03.


This is very cool, but I don't have anything to say about it at the moment. I felt bad that it was sitting here with no comments, though.

I've been experimenting with ePub, which I think is a turd of a format, but apparently if you have CSS skills you can make something that doesn't suck on one of two ePub readers. It really reminds me of the browser wars from 1997 and how HTML people spent all their time tweaking prefectly good pages to work with limited or broken browsers.

Another trick to think about is a place to get Perl ebooks. :)

Congratulations! Looking forwards to do some hacking in it.

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