Role::REST::Client and hash key randomization

Role::REST::Client is a small module to be used as a Moose role. It will enable your module to call REST services in a clean, transparent way. It was originally a part of Catalyst::Model::REST , and I guess that is still the main use case, but it can really be used in any module needing to call a REST service. To use it, all you have to do is

use Moose; 
with 'Role::REST::Client';

and you will be able to use ->get, ->post, and so on with Role::REST::Client handling the encoding, (de)serialization, etc of the call. Thanks to many contributions from Wallace Reis, Matt Phillips and Mark Stosberg it is very configurable and robust.

I've been getting error reports for some time, but a cursory glance through the code showed no faulty use of hashes. I've used all my ressources at $work, so I haven't had time to dig into this problem, until Сергей Романов (sergeyromanov) poked me with a pointy test case. The problem was easy to find, two parameters to ->new relying on their individual order.

Problem is fixed and uploaded to CPAN as Role::REST::Client 0.15

REST authentication

A week ago or so, I wrote about the new Role::REST::Client.

This is just a short note to tell that it now does basic authentication.

Divide and Conquer

At least that's the goal. I've split Catalyst::Model::REST in two, so there's a new Role::REST::Client as well as the original distribution.

Originally I started CMR because I needed to access some REST services from a Catalyst application. There was nothing useful around, so I wrote a simple Catalyst Model and wrapped it up on CPAN.

It's been further developed to when there has been new requirements, and a couple of days ago the nice people on #catalyst suggested to split the functionality into a distribution of its own. The use case being that a role can be applied to an alr… celebrated CPAN's birthday

We held our monthly (almost...) meeting on the last Wednesday of the month instead of the last Tuesday, because it supposedly is CPAN's 16 year birthday.

Being a round birthday (choosing the right base notation), we celebrated with chips, sandwiches and drinks, kindly provided by Adapt A/S.

Amidst the talks about Perler's usage of git, there was also discussions about Monger Group's homepages. What do other groups use for this? Conferences have ACT, modules have PAUSE/CPAN. Blogs have this page.

Don't we have a canned .pm webinator?…

Nordic Perl Workshop 2011

I just learned that Nordic Perl Workshop 2011 will take place in Malmö on June 18 and 19.

NPW 2011 page

As it's just across Øresund from Copenhagen, I'll definitely be there. I hope you will too!