Job::Machine update

Job::Machine gets an update.

How things get done in Djet

How things get done in Djet

New Djet blog entry

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Now that I've put Djet into production, I recon it's time I at least told about it.

Djet is a Node Based Content Management System. It's a rather advanced one, using features from modern Perl and PostgreSQL. It's meant to be used behind some kind of frontend server, e.g. Nginx, or at least a Web Cache like Varnish.

Padre is now on Github

Perhaps you remember Padre, The Perl IDE. It was started around 5 years ago, had a lot of development, and ended up being a quite decent programmer's editor.

Alas it's been suffering from lack of care for a couple of years now. Not because of lack of need or interest, but because nobody seems to have the time. And perhaps somebody needs to step up and grab the torch. Perhaps it's you?