Divide and Conquer

At least that's the goal. I've split Catalyst::Model::REST in two, so there's a new Role::REST::Client as well as the original distribution.

Originally I started CMR because I needed to access some REST services from a Catalyst application. There was nothing useful around, so I wrote a simple Catalyst Model and wrapped it up on CPAN.

It's been further developed to when there has been new requirements, and a couple of days ago the nice people on #catalyst suggested to split the functionality into a distribution of its own. The use case being that a role can be applied to an already existing Catalyst Model. Or to any other class that needs to connect to a REST server.

So here it is. Use Role::REST::Client to access REST services from your Moose based Class.
Use Catalyst::Model::REST if you just want to start a new Catalyst Model Class,

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