Role::REST::Client and hash key randomization

Role::REST::Client is a small module to be used as a Moose role. It will enable your module to call REST services in a clean, transparent way. It was originally a part of Catalyst::Model::REST , and I guess that is still the main use case, but it can really be used in any module needing to call a REST service. To use it, all you have to do is

use Moose; 
with 'Role::REST::Client';

and you will be able to use ->get, ->post, and so on with Role::REST::Client handling the encoding, (de)serialization, etc of the call. Thanks to many contributions from Wallace Reis, Matt Phillips and Mark Stosberg it is very configurable and robust.

I've been getting error reports for some time, but a cursory glance through the code showed no faulty use of hashes. I've used all my ressources at $work, so I haven't had time to dig into this problem, until Сергей Романов (sergeyromanov) poked me with a pointy test case. The problem was easy to find, two parameters to ->new relying on their individual order.

Problem is fixed and uploaded to CPAN as Role::REST::Client 0.15

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