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I've been lurking here for months - there are some serious experts that blog here, along with a few absolute newbies. I figured my experience level didn't matter. I could have blogged elsewhere too....But...

I'll admit that part of the reason I chose to write my blog here is due to the recent amount of posts I've seen over Sexual Harrassment and what it means to be a Member of a Community that has standards. The more voices in a community speak out, the more the community *is* those voices.

I won't post anything else about it - this isn't 'my community' in that I don't attend conferences, I don't go to meet ups or anything like this, I have a Perl Monks account but never log (every question I need to ask has already been asked!) I guess I'm making it my community by actively voicing my concern and opinion, and it would be nice to talk about perl problems with people who actually know perl!

One thing good about this community: I haven't seen anyone who says "groping a stranger at a conference is acceptable behavior." I have seen some dissension over whether comparing Moose to augmented breasts is considered sexual harassment, but even that has been a minor backlash - most people completely understand the lines being drawn. Those that don't sound relatively immature.

I think its pretty easy - there are Communities of Like Minded People. There are Communities of People with Similar Interests. The Perl Community is a group of people with similar interests, not necessarily Like Minded.

Reddit, for example, is a community of Like Minded People. I have a friend who is a redditor - I refuse to touch that site simply because I am a bit too easily offended by thoughtless discriminatory humor. But I'm not going on there telling people they shouldn't post their junk - that's their community, a random place for random people who aren't easily offended and don't want to think beyond the next bit of humor or 'wow' feeling.

Perl events, perl websites, perl blogs, are about *this* community, and I think this sort of outcry of support for a safe-from-negative-social-stigmas environment is Right and Good.

So I'm adding my voice to the many others who want a community where we can read about perl, discuss perl, get help with perl, and write silly perl poetry and make code jokes without having to worry about the harassing behavior. Or the months of blog posts and discussions that inevitably follow these incidents.

In words that are simply for the Brogrammers to understand:

Flaming me over which is better, '$x unless $y' vs 'if $y $x', thats acceptable.

Making a joke about my preference that involves genitalia or topics that would make a typical grandmother blush, not acceptable.


Thank you for blogging about this. I was very pleased and happy to see fellow Perl community members give their opinions. I think it also strengthens those who don't.

> In words that are simply for the Brogrammers to understand:

What I like about the Perl community is, I don't think we even have (m)any Brogrammers. Perl is not Rails and YAPCs are not JSConf. There is relatively little drama in Perl and maybe that has a bit to do with the average age being a bit higher and people just having already been there, done that, let's code.

I think no flaming is helpful.

Supposed most people here have some basic understanding that female optics are for males correlated to some warm fuzzy feeling which can give also an API that simply just works. But its also clear there is a correlation between your overall IQ (sometimes called EQ) and your ability to care about the feeling of others. Sane people can balance out both to a sensible response.

So IMO its more about caring about feelings, since also technical topics can be very emotionally loaded. Or is here anyone who doubt that Kephra is the best editor ever?

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