Dezi::App completes Doozi release

The final dependency for Dezi has been released as Dezi::App on CPAN. In addition Search::OpenSearch::Engine::Lucy 0.400 has been released which supports Dezi::App.

Read more about it on the Dezi site.

Dezi 0.3.0 released

Dezi 0.3.0 (the Moose release) was just pushed to CPAN, along with its dependencies:

  • Search::OpenSearch 0.400
  • Search::OpenSearch::Engine::Lucy 0.300
  • Search::OpenSearch::Server 0.300

Many thanks to all the testers and to those who have encouraged me on this rewrite. I've enjoyed using and learning all the Moose and Moo and Type::Tiny libraries involved.

Template::Plugin::Autoformat resurrected

After languishing in a dark eddy for several years since it was spun out of Template Toolkit core, I have adopted the Template::Plugin::Autoformat module and just released version 2.75 to CPAN.

The biggest change is how you USE it in your templates. The new version switches to initial cap 'Autoformat' instead of the previous lowercase 'autoformat'. This switch follows the Plugin convention used elsewhere, and fixes the long-standing bug where case-sensitive file systems failed to find the .pm file. (And shouldn't all filesystems be case-sensitive? I'm looking at you, HFS.)

Doozi: Dezi + Moose

I have been working on the project now called Dezi, in one form or another,