Dynamic Web-Based Student Management (thesis abstract)

For a post-graduate project in university, I developed a prototype web-based student information exchange system using Linux, Perl, it's associated modules, Ajax and SQLite. At my university, there was a bit of inefficiency in the exchange of student information which I set out to prove could be alleviated with a tailored minimalist web application written in Perl. This was achieved using the Catalyst framework and it's AutoCRUD plugin, written by Oliver Gorwits, for performing CRUD (create, read, update, delete) functions on most…

Perl in a Developing Country

Perl has played an immense role in developing the computing and information technology world we see today. Even if most of the good work done by the language and it's legion of loyal users and developers have been done in a relatively stealthy mode. Due to it's freedom, versatility and ease of use among other notable attributes, it has been embraced by a large community of developers resulting in a mature and stable language fit for just about any programming task.

In today's world however, there is a great "digital divide" between the information infrastructure of the World's develo…

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user-pic I work in academia and I blog about Perl from a developing country's perspective. Papua New Guinean.