A ghetto test library.

I've been working on some slightly complicated code with a myriad of bad design decisions over the course of a decade, and a total absence of test suite. I knew I needed some code reusability in my tests but I had no idea of exactly how much without making a quick start. Meanwhile my brain was filled with ancient code from which I was expurgating zombies, and had issues understanding multi-vendor interactions, so I wanted some bare minimum reusability to make engineering failure conditions easier.

So, I was working in a subdirectory of t: t/my_functionality.

#!/usr/bin/env perl
use warnings;
use strict
use Test::More;

use File::Basename;
use lib dirname(__FILE__) ."/lib";
use MyGhettoLib;

ok(everything_fine(), "Everything is fine :)";

Then in t/my_functionality/MyGhettoLib.pm:

package MyGhettoLib;
use warnings;
use strict;

package main;
sub everything_fine {
    return 1;


Yes, shifting to package main is a little bit stupid and a little bit evil. The solution does not scale, but it gives the bare minimum of reusability without having to apply much thought. And a surface for redesign should the need for further abstraction of the test libary arise.

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