A happy mod_perl story

10:26 < kd> me:  "how do I integrate the REST API with our psgi/mod_perl abomination?"
10:26 < kd> colleague:  "aah I've been wanting to do that for a while, do you really need it?"
10:26 < kd> me:  "yeah it would be good"
10:26 < kd> [waits two days]
10:26 < kd> colleague:  "here, have a code review"
10:29 < kd> meanwhile it gave me the opportunity to prototype an important thing via a semi-abomination that would never be acceptable in production.  So 1. We got a feature we really needed, and ensures the longevity of the platform, and 2.  I got to do the important thing of  getting my thing wrong on the first try.

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