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perlnews bot renewal

I have recently replaced my perl news bot for IRC (#news@irc.perl.org) and Twitter (@perlnews) along with the server where it resides. Now it is powered by AnyEvent (it was a Plagger bot before), and its repository goes to github as well. If you find anything wrong or if you have any feeds to be included, send me a pull request. Enjoy.


Slides from my presentation at OSDC.TW 2011

I gave a talk at OSDC.TW 2011 about PPM as yet another faster installer, and several modules I took over from Randy Kobes who passed away last year.

Compared to the transition from CPAN/CPANPLUS to App::cpanminus, PPM, which once used a remote API server but now downloads indices (summary) and store them in a local database, seems to be taking a different (or opposite) track. Its XML based spec is apparently old-fashioned (actually, the original Open Source Description spec, on which PPM spec was based, was deprecated years ago). And the one on the CPAN is way behind the one bundled i…

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