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Next stable DBD::SQLite to be released in mid June

DBD::SQLite 1.47_05 is a release candidate of the next stable DBD::SQLite. As always, please test it with your modules/applications and let me know if you find anything. If there's no blocker nor request to wait, I'll release 1.48 in the mid June, hopefully on 11th, the day after the YAPC::NA is over.

There'll be no big change in DBD::SQLite 1.48 itself, but a few notable changes that might affect you include:

  • Fixed optimization (-O2) was removed. This usually shouldn't matter, but if your perl is compiled with a different level of optimization, test carefully.

QA Hackathon 2015 and PAUSE on Plack

At the previous QA hackathons, I spent most of my time on improving various aspects of CPANTS. However, I usually couldn't see what I implemented there online, because it takes about a day to analyze everything. All I could do was to start the analyzer before I fly back and confirm the result at home.

This year, things went differently for me. I spent three days on porting PAUSE Web UI using Plack toolkit, and was able to actually see the result there.

Why ported?

Accoring to the history, the current form of PAUSE was (re-)written in 1999. As were serious web applicati…

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