Released HTML::ValidationRules 0.01

I'm glad that I can announce the release of HTML::ValidationRules.

Even if we validate user inputs on client-side according to client-side form validation spec. defined in HTML5, we still need do same thing on server-side. It results that there're redundant validation rules around.

I wanna make a proposal; How about regarding client-side form validation as some common format for describing validation rules both for client-side and server-side?

This distribution consists of 2 parts modules below:

  • HTML parser to extract validation rules from given HTML file/string.
  • Plugins for existing validation module (for FormValidator::(Simple|Lite) so far, because I usually use it).

Caveats: This module hasn't supporte all the attrs defined in HTML5 spec.

Anyway, some patches or proposals are welcome.

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