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Chef cookbook for plenv

plenv is so cool that I'd like to use it for my personal project. Then, I have to hack up chef cookbooks for automated provisioning. I tried to write Chef LWRPs for the first time.

Using the cookbook, you can easily install perls via plenv and CPAN modules via cpanm.

I'm waiting for your feedback.


Using Attributes and Recipes

Add these recipes below into run_list:


Then set attributes described later.

Using LWRPs (Recommended)

Only recipe[plenv] should be added into your run_list.


Then use LWRPs in your own recipe.

plenv_install "5.16.3" do
  user   "kentaro"
  action :install

plenv_global "5.16.3" do
  user   "kentaro"
  action :run

].each do |mod|
  plenv_cpanm mod do
    user    "kentaro"
    version "5.16.3"
    options "--force"
    action  :install

References for how to write LWRPs

Joined CPAN-API (metacpan) Team

We're honored that we, PrePAN developers, can announce we just joined CPAN-API organization!

We're going to make the site better as possible. Please keep eyes on us and send pull requests to our repository.

PrePAN is Now on AWS

PrePAN had been running on my private server. oalders, the founder of metacpan, referred to PrePAN in his blog post, so I made up my mind to move the site to AWS to ensure stability.

Structure of PrePAN can be drawn as the diagram below:

I'm going to maintain and add features to it for future. I hope more of you join PrePAN and have discussion on modules to be newly uploaded to CPAN to make it much better place than now.

The code and chef cookbooks have been opensourced at GitHub. Check them and please send pull requests!

About kentaro

user-pic Running a website "PrePAN" (,, paperboy&co., Tokyo, Japan, kentaro@twitter, kentaro@github, kentaro@PAUSE.