A NYTprof encoding hiccup

While using Devel::NYTProf on a new application I started getting this message

fid 33 has no src saved for /usr/lib/perl5/5.14.2/autodie.pm (NYTP_FIDf_HAS_SRC not set but src available!)

Now my first thought was this has something to do with either the newest version of autodie or utf8::all. So I checked to make sure all the modules I was using were up to date and tested again, still there. Then I wrote a really short program to recreate this error and for some reason I couldn't. Going back and forth between the two files I finally noticed what was different and I was shocked by what it was.

This script generates the above message with `perl -d:NYTProf`

and this one does not.

Just switching the order of autodie and utf8::all fixed this. My mind was blown. I could not think of another time I had seen the use order do something like this. So I did some searching to see if this was known or not. Bug 70211 says it is 'use open qw( :encoding(UTF-8) :std );' followed by a use module statement that causes the issue. So my "fix" is not really a fix but there appears to be no actual problems with nytprof but I am keeping an eye on it.

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That was my RT. I never got any further than what is documented in the RT. All I've ever done to get around it was change the order of use statements.

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