Refurbished App::DBBrowser


it's now available an improved version of App::DBBrowser with new features.
Some of the new features:
- attach databases to a SQLite database
- use sub-queries in different places of the statement
- choose if identifiers should be quoted or not

Introducing Term::TablePrint

Term::TablePrint (its function print_table) prints a table or the selected columns of the table to STDOUT.

print_table provides a cursor which highlights the row on which it is located. The user can scroll through the table with the different cursor keys.

If the table has more rows than the terminal the table is divided up on as many pages as needed automatically. Also if the terminal is too narrow to print the table the columns are adjusted to the available width automatically.



The earlier mentioned database browser has now its own Repository: App::DBBrowser.


Hello, I'd like to post a link to the "" script. It's not a link in the strict sense because I couldn't manage to set a MetaCPAN perma-link to a single file.
The script is located in the "example" directory of the Term::Choose distro.
With "" one can search and read in Databases.
I use it for SQLite Databases but it should work with MySQL and PostgreSQL Databases too.