Happy CPAN Day!

Can you believe CPAN has been around for 20 years today? Two decades is a long time! Yet, I cannot imagine my workday without it.

My contributions to the CPAN Day celebration:

Helios 2.83 is a minor release of the Helios distributed job processing framework. It contains official SQLite support for the first time, better schema DDL for Oracle databases, and some cleanup of some files with mixed-format line endings.

Helios::Logger::HiRes 1.00 is the first stable release of a plugin module
providing enhanced logging features to the Helios framework, including
sub-second timestamp precision (provided by Perl's Time::HiRes) and a
command line log searching tool.

Thank you to everyone who contributes to CPAN, both package contributors and those that maintain CPAN itself. Happy CPAN Day everyone!

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