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Following on from's redesign, and the clean up of I'm happy to say I've done the same for

No real content change, other than hopefully making the home page clearer, but it's a lot nicer to look at now.




Hi Leo,

I really like the new design! But I think the "new feature" at is a bit lost. You get the information about the latest release and then there is a single "Unicode 4.1.0" (btw. it is Unicode 5.1.0).

The first time I have seen this I was a bit confused ("what does the 'Unicode 4.1.0' mean? There is no context...").

- Renee

Just too bad that the link "actively maintained" points to a page suggesting development suddenly stopped in August 2009.

I certainly hope we can get a really long list of criticisms here. Nothing says "not dead" more clearly than that.

I've created an account on the site the link is pointing to, left a message on the forum, and now the page is up-to-date again.

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