www.perl.org - redesign

Well, it's taken me 6 weeks of evenings and the odd weekend, but I'm proud to say the new http://www.perl.org/ site has just gone live.

This is a complete redesign and content review. Hopefully it's cleaner and easier for people to actually get the information they are after.

Whilst I was at it I also implemented this skin for http://dbi.perl.org/ and http://learn.perl.org/ (which needs a lot more loving now you can actually see what's there... not much).

My work (http://www.foxtons.co.uk/) have donated some of my time, and also some of the designers on my team's time, without which it would have taken even longer.

So enjoy!


It looks really, really good. Just a gigantic improvement!

Do we really need sIFR on the page headers? Wouldn't images or plain marked up text work just as well without the requirement of flash? Presumably you could use a script with GD to convert the text+font choice into an image. But turning off javascript+flash produces quite decent looking headers anyway, whereas gnash chokes on the sIFR flash, and I would prefer to have javascript enabled on *.perl.org (e.g., I need it on to submit this comment)

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