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I've just launched a 'white papers' section on

I've set the following as a rough brief for these documents:

Target audience(s):

  • Corporate technical managers (may not know Perl)

  • Coders new to Perl looking for reasons to use Perl

  • Existing Perl coders who are not 'enlightened', e.g. not aware of these technologies and how they make coding better.


  • Convince someone to try this technology

  • Show how many great Perl tools there are for different types of project (breadth not depth)

  • Have a location someone advocating Perl can point to, which provides a quick over view of some of the current tools available

Key points:

  • Start with a quick overview of what the technology is, you have to convince people to use this technology in this first paragraph

  • Try not to refer to 'your' code, it might be a manager reading this - this is not always possible though!

  • Do not try to teach the technology, but offer resources which will (references section at the end)

  • Avoid dates / anything which will require updating in the future, if possible


  • Article should be as short as possible

  • Avoid code where possible.

If you have corrections or are interested in writing one of the outstanding topics do let me know.



I'd like to see a section dedicated to 'standard solutions', without arguing about the various ways to do things.

For example, articles on Capture::Tiny and Try::Tiny, as 2 clean and simple ways to handle 2 specific problems.

This can then relate back to CPAN as the motherlode of all such packages.

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