- initial relaunch has been relaunched! - VERY basic at the moment, but this is the start.

Tom (who owns the Domain) and O'Reilly (who's strong support of Perl over the years has helped make it such a great language) have been kind enough to let the TPF take on Editorial control and the site has now joined the family.

As you can see initially we've ported the existing content over (but still need to link it all in to make it easy to find) - Chromatic aims to have a least on post a week about the Perl language, it's libraries, and the great community surrounding Perl.

Basically watch this space - or rather watch!


Awesome news! Thanks for taking your time to make this happen! IMHO, the most important next step is changing the logo to a more official one so that is immediately recognized as being an official Perl site! Let me know if I can be of any help!

Congratulations, good to see become a good citizen of perl web-space, but yeah, the logo does look a bit jarring.

As for existing content, I only got 404s from links from the first page of results of a a google search for

I kinda like the bauhaus treatment on the logo. Is it part of a full rebranding?

I just tried to comment on, but I got "You don't have permission to access /mt-comments.cgi on this server."

Here's what I had to say:

It's great to see the site come back to life, congrats.

It would be good, however, to get a clear idea about what kind of content it's going to be for. There's already a plethora of Perl websites, from to perlmonks to planet perl. It's hard to follow what's going on without wasting too much time with all the feeds, although Perlbuzz helps.

Nice one! Looks good.

@jugglingbits: Good point!

Wouldn't it make sense to have redirect to and migrate the articles to a special subsection there or to

Awesome. I was very sad when O'Reilly basically did nothing with it.


Nice work.

I'd say either or has to go.
Redirect to and nobody is confused anymore.

Why do we need two separate pages about perl? Where from the domain name alone nobody can tell the difference in content.

Deprecating either site would render many, many useful URLs useless. was, for a long time, useful in publishing new (and edited) articles about Perl programming. A good editor can make the difference between a long blog post and an article very apparent.

Very, very, good news. Looking forward to see what comes of it (& let folks know if any help is needed & how they can help out with it).

I was just looking at and only 2 of the first ten results don't deliver a 404.
Seems like these URLs are dead already.

Nice one ranguard. One more Perl website that you've helped get back into shape! Hats off to you once again.

I'm probably just being cynical, but here's hoping O'Reilly doesn't try to convince Tom to hand control back to them after you, chromatic and the rest of the community do the hard work of rebuilding traffic and trust in the domain.

Not sure how restrictive the "editorial control" agreement is, but I'd love to see you given the chance to bring to life some of the ideas we were brainstorming around presenting as the corporate face of perl vs. as the community face.

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