if you build write it they will come

After reading some of the posts about renaming Perl to something else I noticed that a commonly used argument was about the language visibility. Personally I don't want to take party here and restart all the discussion about that issue, I think a lot of people more capable and committed to the language evolution already gave their opinion.

My point here is about that comment mentioned before, the language visibility and appearance. If the way how people see and remember Perl is the problem, I think that we can come up with some kind of solution without any dramatic changes in the lang…

YAPC::Brasil 2012 Starts Tomorrow

The 2012 edition of the YAPC::Brasil will start tomorrow. We will have lots of good subjects being presented covering different areas as big data, open data, data journalism, Perl hacking and bioinformatics. There are already representants from 4 local Perl Mongers groups and from 10 different countries, including Brazil. Check the website for more informations.

Scientific papers and softwares

This week I recieved from a friend researcher a paper from the scientific journal Bioinformatics. The journal is very famous among bioinformaticians and it describes itself as 'The leading journal in its field'. I'm not gonna specify who is the author or what is the name of the paper because I don't think necessary. In a simple way, the paper is about a software written in Perl designed to increase the performance of a database searching using protein mass-spectra.

Hello World

OK, so this is my first attempt to write a blog, I hope this works. I like Perl (a lot) I like Bioinformatics and Computational Biology (yes I'm a biologist and I'm also a systems analyst), and now I decided that I like Big Data as well. Hope to write a little about those subjects.

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