Goodbye, Hello

Just a quick note to let everyone know I have abandoned my journal. If I get ambitious, I will write some code to pull everything over there to over here.


I would so appreciate it if you could share that code! :)

I think many people would love to see that code (particularly if comments are available, but I could understand the problem with them). Just don't run it right away. We still need to bump up the RAM and until then, if lots of people hit this box, it will fall over again. I think it will be done soon, though.

And make sure it has a "nice" delay so that you don't pound the server too hard :)

You can use WWW-UsePerl-Journal and WWW-UsePerl-Journal-Thread to get the journals and comments from (I use it for backups :)). Not sure how you would necessarily put the comments into, unless you were going to format them into a single text block appended to the journal entry text. Would be nice to be able to honour the timestamp too.

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