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Looking For A IT Specialist (Perl Required)


This blog entry is not an official job announcement. The official announcement will be made available online once it is finalized. I would just like to touch base with anyone who might be interested.

I want to be clear that, though we use perl every day, this is not a "software developer" position. My group works in a technical support capacity doing everything from providing recommendations on architecture and design reviews to writing utilitie…

About Limbic~Region

user-pic My job title is "Information Technology Specialist" which is a glorified way to say general problem solver. One of my favorite ways to solve problems is with Perl. I believe strongly in giving back to the Perl community by answering questions and spreading advocacy in various forums. I am the author of Tie::Hash::Sorted. I am also a Father of two wonderful daughters and husband to a beautiful wife. I consider myself a Christian but I need a lot of work in that.