Looking For A IT Specialist (Perl Required)

The group I manage is severely understaffed and one of my most competent employees has just tendered their resignation.

This blog entry is not an official job announcement. The official announcement will be made available online once it is finalized. I would just like to touch base with anyone who might be interested.

I want to be clear that, though we use perl every day, this is not a "software developer" position. My group works in a technical support capacity doing everything from providing recommendations on architecture and design reviews to writing utilities to extract data from logs. The primary skills that I need are scripting (perl/shell), SQL/stored procedures, trouble shooting/problem solving/critical thinking, Unix (AIX/Solaris) and security concepts/best practices.

The position is in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area and relocation expenses are not included.

Please contact me if you are interested so that we might touch base.

Joshua Gatcomb
a.k.a. Limbic~Region


So wish I could...just to use Perl on a regular basis.

Hey, LR! How's things?

(Feel free to delete this comment once you've noticed it, I just wasn't sure how to reach you at this point. There are so many goddamned ways to try that I just get communicative paralysis, so I'm going lowest common denominator.)

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