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Rakudo and NQP Internals Workshop (14/15 Sep)

Perl6 is at a turning point. Now running on 2 virtual machines (Parrot and JVM), with 2 more coming available in the next months (Javascript and MoarVM), with abstract concurrency on the JVM now and full Perl 5 interop at the horizon in MoarVM.

To make it easier for past, current and future Perl 6 contributors, we have asked Jonathan Worthington to give an intensive 2-day workshop taking a deep dive into many areas of the Rakudo and NQP internals. This is your chance to get up-to-date with Perl 6, specifically with Rakudo and NQP.

The workshop will mostly be focusing on the backend-agnostic parts but with coverage of the JVM and future MoarVM backends too. While the overall focus will be on getting to know the Rakudo and NQP internals, we'll also build the odd small language and object system along the way to get a better handle on the primitives.

It will be held in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, on 14/15 September 2013

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