Videos for London Perl Workshop 2017

The organisers of the London Perl Workshop 2017 are very happy to announce that the videos of the talks are now on YouTube. In the rest of this post we'll give a summary of the videos, with links to each talk.

One day in November

On Saturday (25th November), the London Perl Workshop (LPW) was held at the University of Westminster. It was a free-to-attend one-day conference that three tracks of talks and one of tutorials. It was also the first in the post-Mark Keating age. This is the report of this year's organising team: Katherine, Lee, Neil, Pete, and Rick.

In brief, the talks went down well and everyone seemed to enjoy themself. Read on for more!

London Perl Workshop - talk schedule

We're excited, and relieved, to have published the talk schedule for the London Perl Workshop.

Update: A one-page printable version of the schedule is available now.

Moar Update: Matt Trout is ill and won't be there; JJ Allen has stepped in with a talk on GDPR, and I'll give a talk on the PAUSE Operating Model.

Read on for an outline of the schedule, and a summary of the talks and tutorials!

Beer and friends from tomorrow evening at the London Perl Workshop

How exciting! The London Perl Workshop is this Saturday, and as you may or may not know, it's not just London's premier Perl event, it's also London's premier social event! It's not to late to register to attend, for free!

Pre-Workshop Drinks


Perl and the Operating System at the London Perl Workshop, 25th of November

One of the strengths of both Perl -- and our talk schedule -- is a diversity of ideas. We see this in the rich depth of Perl libraries on the CPAN, in the large variety of places Perl is deployed, and in the many ways people use Perl to make their lives easier.

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