London Perl Workshop: give a talk

The London Perl Workshop (LPW) takes place this year on Saturday 25th Nov and you are encouraged to submit your talk proposals now (or if you have already, feel free to submit another!).

The informal theme this year is "Perl and friends". We welcome proposals relating to Perl 5, Perl 6, other languages, and supporting technologies.

Talks may be long (45-60 mins) short (15-20 mins) or very short (aka lightening, 5 mins). We would also be pleased to accept proposals for workshops, tutorials and discussions. The deadline for submissions is Fri 27th Oct.

We would really like to have more rookie speakers this year. If you’d like help with a talk proposal, and/or the talk itself, let us know - we’ve got people happy to be your talk buddy!

Register (it's free!) and submit your talk at:

We hope to see you there,

Pete, Rick, Lee and Katherine (the organising team)

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Looking forward to the event. I have already submitted my proposal, waiting for the response.

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About London Perl Workshop

user-pic The London Perl Workshop (LPW) is a free one-day technical conference in Central London, UK. This year LPW will be on Saturday 25th November 2017.