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The London Perl Workshop is on Saturday 25th November, and as is traditional, the day will end with Lightning Talks, compèred by the inimitable Léon Brocard. In previous years things have been pretty fluid, with talks being accepted on the day. This year the deadline for Lightning Talk submissions is Monday 6th November, and we'll let prospective speakers know by Friday 10th.

If you've something to say, but not enough for 20 minutes, why not submit a 5 minute lightning talk?

Not sure how? Read on...

There are lots of good resources online, but a good place to start is VM Brasseur's list of public speaking resources. Borrowing from one blog post on giving lightning talks:

  • Share one great idea & show passion for it
  • Tell a story
  • Share information but resist the temptation to explain in detail
  • Use more pictures and fewer words

If you'd like to give a lightning talk, but aren't sure of a topic, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • It could be a lesson you've learned;
  • A module you recently found and think others should know about, or a module you wrote;
  • Exhort (or extort) people to get involved in your pet project or passion. Dave Cross can give you some tips on this type of lightning talk;
  • Quick tips on how to be a better (Perl) programmer;
  • Share an idea, or even an entertaining rant!

Lightning Talks are 5 minutes at LPW. Submit your proposal on the LPW web site now!

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