LPW: Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!

Last Friday was the deadline for submissons for the London Perl Workshop, and we had originally planned to let all submitters know by Monday. But it turned out that quite a few people were saving their submission for Friday, so we're still working on the schedule.

Read on for the gory details.

As a result, we've ended up with a lot more talk minutes than we can fit in. We briefly considered adding another track, but decided that it would be better for everyone if we keep to the four tracks (3 for talks and 1 for tutorials), and craft the best schedule we can.

Over the next few days we're going to be working on the schedule, and as part of that we'll be getting in touch with some who submitted 50-minute talks, to see whether you'd be ok honing your talk down to 20 minutes.

Our strategy is to maximise the number of different speakers (so one talk per speaker) and diversity of topics, so please bear with us while we craft a line-up. Everyone who submitted a talk proposal will hear back from us, one way or another.

We think it's going to be a great line-up, so if you haven't registered to attend LPW, why not do it now?

It was Mae West who said that "Too much of a good thing can be wonderful!", and she wasn't wrong.

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About London Perl Workshop

user-pic The London Perl Workshop (LPW) is a free one-day technical conference in Central London, UK. This year LPW will be on Saturday 25th November 2017.