Perl and Testing at the London Perl Workshop, sponsored by Perl Careers


One of the major strengths of Perl is the strong focus on automated testing and the pervasiveness of software testing tools on the CPAN. As you'd expect, London Perl Workshop on the 25th of November will have talks on testing!

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Testing Talks

There's a special treat in a two-hour workshop run by's Martin Berends and's own John Davies: Perl and Selenium workshop. Selenium is a suite of tools for driving a web-browser and testing the resulting HTML and behaviours of pages, suitable for testing web applications. Martin and John will get workshop attendees setup and ready to drive Selenium from Perl for all their web-testing needs (so bring your laptop!).

Tom Bloor will be giving a 20 minute talk on Testing the waters, sharing his experience building testing frameworks, ideas and methods for testing certain hard-to-test objects and assets, and talk about his CPAN contributions for solving certain testing pain points.

Tangential to testing is spinning up working environments for automated testing and integration, so we're very lucky that JJ Allen will be giving us a talk on Perl and Docker, sitting in a tree. The talk will give you a model for using Perl with Docker, covering layers, container layout, entrypoints, configuration, and a simple method for deploying to live.

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user-pic The London Perl Workshop (LPW) is a free one-day technical conference in Central London, UK. This year LPW will be on Saturday 25th November 2017.