Perl and the Operating System at the London Perl Workshop, 25th of November

One of the strengths of both Perl -- and our talk schedule -- is a diversity of ideas. We see this in the rich depth of Perl libraries on the CPAN, in the large variety of places Perl is deployed, and in the many ways people use Perl to make their lives easier.

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Perl and the Operating System

Lacey Powers -- better known as Perl's resident Postgres badass -- gives us a tour of "Debian Tips and Tricks", showing us that Debian is a fantastic platform for running your applications, Perl or otherwise, on. The talk will cover some of her favorite tips and tricks to make your life using and administering Debian easier. Debian goodies, unattended upgrades, molly guard, useful non-Debian project repositories, and many others will be covered.

We'll hear about "Packing Perl applications for Windows with Win32::Packer" from's Salvador Fandiño. Win32::Packer is a new module for packing Perl applications with all their dependencies for Windows as standard MSI installers or portable ZIP archives, and Salvador will introduce the module, make a demo showing how to use it and provide a shallow overview of its internals.

The illustrious Leon Timmermans joins us from Amsterdam to teach us "Lessons learned from using Dist::Zilla". Dist::Zilla is a CPAN authoring tool which makes the build and release cycle much easier. It is a powerful framework, and has a rich collection of plugins available, but all that complexity means it’s not always obvious what the right thing to do is, especially for beginners. In the talk, he'll share some of the lessons he's learned, and give some tips for how to make your life easier with Dist::Zilla.

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