Perl and Etherpad

Etherpad is a really great collaborative editor. Written in Javascript for NodeJS, it offers a HTTP API which allows to do a lot of things.

Despite a lot of other languages API libraries, Perl had no API module for a long time.

This is not an issue anymore since I wrote the Etherpad::API. Now we can use the etherpad API for our greater pleasure.

An use of this module is Etherpad::Admin, a Mojolicious-based web site which displays informations about pads and permits basic operations on them.

For the console lovers (myself included), padconsole is what you need to manage multiple etherpad instances from your terminal ! It's on its early stage, so all functions from the API are not usable right now, but as they say: "Release early, release often".


Thanks, Etherpad is really cool, I'm trying it out as I speak (write).

A reminder though,

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