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Non Native Speakers

Well, I'm not a native Perl speaker. ;-)
Altough I would like to qualify my English as "quite o.k." I encounter problems reading documentation and code.
My problem (as I analyze it) is that I'm often unsure if I understood something correctly. And if I clearly don't, I find it hard to identify if it is due to complicated content, peculiarly used words or technical terms I don't know.

For the non-native speakers: Do you have similar problems?

For the native speakers: Imagine reading …

Readable Perl

Despite what you often hear, one can produce very readable perl code.

I feel that readabilty of my code has improved since I've started my IT bachelor studies. I'm wondering if it is because
- we are forced to learn java which enforces a lot of things
- I am much worse at java than at I am at perl which forces me to write really simple code
- I code more and am humiliated more often when trying to read my own code
- I have more confidence in my solutions and think longer before hacking.

I'm not very afraid of baby perl. I…

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