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cool experience: Spreadsheet::WriteExcel;

I just want to say, if you need to do some Excel, do it with Perl!

I needed to create some excel sheets based on automatically calculated data. Instead of copying huge amount of data I fired up my IDE, issued

use Spreadsheet::WriteExcel;
use Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Utility;

$workbook = Spreadsheet::WriteExcel->new($myExcelFile);
$worksheet = $workbook->add_worksheet($sheet);

and was ready to go.
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel has very good documentation (excellent examples included), …


You find lots of information about Integrated Development Environments these days.
My "IDE" is an instance of SciTe with sessions and some terminals to run the code in. SciTe sessions enable me to store projects and all their open listings. I then open the project I'm currently working on by choosing "Load Session".
Winning points: Super fast start, ultra flexible, quasi no overhead, very easy installation (just install SciTe and copy settings over to new install). And I like SciTe a lot for its folding - unfolding c…

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