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Summer holidays

2 weeks from now, my last semester exam will be over and as I quit my main $job, there will be *real* holidays this year. At least one month with no plan at all. How cool is this?

I'm considering a rewrite of my module Image::BoxModel which unfortunately never got far and is "a little" messed up in design.
I mainly use it to draw bar charts with ::Chart, and I think I am the only user. At least I don't have notice of anybody using the module. I can feel free to change whatever I want to.


Perl Jobs

2 years into my informatics studies and after a lot of java and absolutely no scripting, I'm wondering if I should stay with perl at all.
Here in Switzerland perl jobs are rare. I mean perl jobs, not "further desired skills: perl / bash".
And telecommuting jobs are mostly not that interesting because I live in a quite expensive country.
Most jobs I've looked at so far are maintenance jobs for legacy systems.

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