Summer holidays

2 weeks from now, my last semester exam will be over and as I quit my main $job, there will be *real* holidays this year. At least one month with no plan at all. How cool is this?

I'm considering a rewrite of my module Image::BoxModel which unfortunately never got far and is "a little" messed up in design.
I mainly use it to draw bar charts with ::Chart, and I think I am the only user. At least I don't have notice of anybody using the module. I can feel free to change whatever I want to.

Now, should i do it in Perl 5?
Perl 6?
Use Moose?
I see pros and cons.

As for Moose, I'm uncertain if I want to minimize dependencies or maximize fun.
As for Perl 6, I'm wondering if it is ready and used. On the other hand, I read a little about new features of this language and I must say I'm impressed.

As nobody uses my module anyway, my main target is to learn as much as I can. (This does not include a rewrite in PHP..)

Thanks for your advice!

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