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German Perl Workshop: My Day 3

Again a lovely bike ride to the venue, this time with some air pressure trouble in the front wheel. Then a great day with talks, chatting and again excellent food.

And then it was already over.


Thank you Wendy for the photo.

And thank you sponsors.

See you in Bern next week,

German Perl Workshop: My Day 2

Today I was quite busy $working. I was a bit tired, too, because a group of young and cheerful boys and girls (possible future Perl hackers?) had their small hotel party on the floor outside my room. After a short bicycle ride (numerous places of interest again) I reached the Betahaus (many current Perl hackers).

Just because I was curious I took a peek at various fellow Perler's computers displays. Quite familiarly with hacker's displays there was lots of text; not a small amount white on black.
Today however I learned that there are people using light-blue to dark-blue on black as their favourite colour scheme. Like so:


German Perl Workshop: My Day 1

Yesterday evening I got onto the City Night Line and spent a most comfortable night in my small single cabin, sleeping to the soft rocking of the moving train.

After arriving in a freezing cold Berlin I rode my bike along Brandenburger Tor, Checkpoint Charly and a dozen other places of interest to the Betahaus where the Workshop takes place.

Thanks to the organisers, I immediately saw many signposts which guided me to the venue.


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