German Perl Workshop: My Day 2

Today I was quite busy $working. I was a bit tired, too, because a group of young and cheerful boys and girls (possible future Perl hackers?) had their small hotel party on the floor outside my room. After a short bicycle ride (numerous places of interest again) I reached the Betahaus (many current Perl hackers).

Just because I was curious I took a peek at various fellow Perler's computers displays. Quite familiarly with hacker's displays there was lots of text; not a small amount white on black.
Today however I learned that there are people using light-blue to dark-blue on black as their favourite colour scheme. Like so:


(Please fix this in the comments..)

After the workshop we even had to queue up in front of the gentlemen's toilets, there were so many of us. Must be all TIOBE's fault.
(If you don't get the joke, travel forward in time and have a look at the video of Richards talk.)

Only a few minutes until the Social Event starts. Looking forward to it!


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They might be using the "solarized" color scheme, which has a lot of blue in it (all sub names and package names are in blue). I like it because it's low-contrast and still readable in a wide variety of ambient light levels.

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