Tomato Plant vs. Nuclear Plant

With great interest I read When "unsafety" is a Good Thing and brood over Gabor's comment regarding "inconvenience vs. danger".

In my job, I have done a fair amount of coding these days. Mostly smaller tasks, you know, the sort of problem you just not so easily solve with Excel. I did some gardening, so to speak..

When doing gardening, I am very much interested in convenience.

I am not that much interested if the spot I want to plant my tomato into fits the exact "CherryTomatoSoil" Specification (tm). ;-) It is a bright Saturday morning (I might even be late in the year, probably I missed compilation time in early spring..) and there is this sunny spot in front of my house where I think a tomato plant looked nice and even produced some very tasty fruits, appropriate weather given.
I do not care if I get the maximum amount of tomatoes nor do I care too much if the plant itself is perfectly happy with soil temperature, soil acidity and sunshine duration.
It would not only be inconvenient but quite a hindrance to my gardening if I had to be too stern / strict about it.
Think about buying a soil acidity meter before planting and casting the soil into "PerfectTomatoSoil" before any further action.. And yes, of course, that would be the perfect solution.

There have been no explosion in my garden so far. Not for the reason of plants growing in wrong spots.

In my job, I have not had any explosions so far, too. I am just grabbing some data out of a source, doing some more or less crazy stuff and present the summary to my boss. He wants the results and he wants them in a timely fashion. My time costs his money.
The worst thing that could possibly happen is slightly incorrect results. In my real cases this is still better than no results at all because a compiler refuses to treat a number as a letter just the moment I really have to go to bed.

For me it all comes down to the point that the world is not that perfect. Dangers lurk but are mostly accepted. Of course I am aware that people - me included - tend to take risks they should not take. But you mostly shoot yourself in the foot, not in the head, do you.

This dramatically changes, of course, when I build nuclear plants. (You "build" them, you do not "grow" them, as in tomato plants, for some reason, I guess.)

I would probably not do this in an informal way as with the tomato. Also, there would be explosions and yes, the dangers for many, many people were severe.
If my neighbours started building a nuclear plant on a sunny Saturday morning, just for fun, in front of their house, with a spade and a stick, now I would probably play compiler and call the police. But probably not due to the fact that the spot they start it in does not have the "NuclearPlant" flag to one corner.

But most of the time my neighbours and I are growing tomatoes. :-)

Ps: This blog post being written in loose English, but as good as I could. ;-) Thank you MT and reader for not inferring strict English typing on me.

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