Using Stratopan Beta

This morning, an innocent message landed in my mailbox:

[Stratopan] The Beta Is Here

Usually, advertisements go directly to .. "you-know-where", but this one was highly appreciated!

(Read on for what I did. With screenshots! :-)

No time wasted, I headed over to and created my free account. Today. Immediately. :-)

As soon as I was logged in it asked me to create a new repository. Because I am playing around with the new mop quite a lot these days, I decided to try this:


Next, I followed its suggestion and pulled a distribution from CPAN:


And now for one of its coolest features: Just started typing "mop", because that is what I wanted, and - whoosh - it immediately presented me with relevant tarballs. (It even read my brain correctly and listed the mop-tarballs first!) Cool. just cool.


So I chose the first tarball and hit "Pull". (You do not even consider *not* to recursively pull all prerequisites, do you? ;-)


I also like this message a lot:


And.. done. Whenever in time I want to install version 0.02-TRIAL of the mop (to remind me of how it felt like in 2013, should it change and old scripts do not run any more or for any other reason I need that particular version) *with all its dependencies in versions that work together with mop-0.02-TRIAL*, I can now install it from my own stratopan repo. Forever.


Now, one small thing to consider: When installing with cpanm, do not just copy the red link verbatim. I had to look this up in Stratopan's Help.

cpanm --mirror-only --mirror mop

Thank you Jeff!

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Wow. Wow. Thanks for showing this off! $Jeff += like, a million.

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