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The Marketing Of Perl

During YAPC::NA, we held a BOF to discuss the future plans for marketing both Perl and TPF. While part of our goal is to promote TPF and the services that it provides, our main goal is to promote the language and the community. There are a few easy ways that we can start creating some of the "buzz" that we've lost over the years. Our current goal is let people know that Perl is alive and thriving (check out Chris Hardie's lightning talk from YAPC::NA).

What are the easiest ways that we can spread the word of mod…

OSCON Call For TPF Volunteers

The Perl Foundation will have a booth at OSCON again this year. We'll need volunteers to help out with:

  • Getting all the swag and banners

  • Setting up the booth

  • Working the booth

  • Talking to conference-goers about Perl projects, the community, and language.

  • Handing out swag

  • Taking down the booth, handling left over swag

  • If you would like to volunteer, please signup on the wiki:


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