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During YAPC::NA, we held a BOF to discuss the future plans for marketing both Perl and TPF. While part of our goal is to promote TPF and the services that it provides, our main goal is to promote the language and the community. There are a few easy ways that we can start creating some of the "buzz" that we've lost over the years. Our current goal is let people know that Perl is alive and thriving (check out Chris Hardie's lightning talk from YAPC::NA).

What are the easiest ways that we can spread the word of modern Perl and eliminate the misguided preconceptions and stereo types that have grown over the years?

  • Give talks at non Perl specific conferences/events (BarCamp, Linux Fests, etc) showing how Perl helped you solve your problem. Show code examples that adhere to modern Perl standards.
  • Give talks at conferences, Perl Monger meetings, your workplace, etc, on modern Perl topics like Catalyst, PSGI/Plack, Moose, DBIx::Class, and best practices. Show that Perl is not "line noise" or "write only" code.
  • The Perl community should create a repository of canned talks that people can talk to. This will make it easier/quicker for people to give talks.
  • Setup marketing booths at non Perl conferences to engage with others outside of the community. TPF should create marketing packages (shirts, stickers, tuits, coasters, a banner, etc) that we can ship to people interested in organizing the booth.
  • We need to make sure that setting up booths and getting volunteers has as little barrier to entry as possible.
  • Promote startups and other successful companies using Perl. Generally, the Perl community builds module's and libraries that enable others to build their applications easier - we don't seem to build applications

If you would like to join our marketing efforts, send a subscribe message to:

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I'm glad somebody took notice on my "Modules vs. Applications" post...

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